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The Big Old 2017 Art Dump

I believe that last year around this time I promised to do more regular updates .. yeah so about that.
Well here is a big art dump from 2017. This year I wanted to show the breath of personal work I produce, so here is a collection of sketches, studies, experiment, and illustrations.

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January Art Dump (It’s almost been a year)

So here is a bunch of art from 2016 – what an interesting year it was. These aren’t everything I created last, some of those projects are still going on and really deserve a whole post for themselves, so this is mostly paintings I had done in free time for my own amusement.

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December Art Dump

These are the last bits of art created in 2015 on Now on to a new year of more art, more new friends and whole lot of adventure and romancing – thank you 2015 and here we come 2016!

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November Art Dump

I’m a little late with this one, but its the November space themed art dump, there are spaceships and aliens .. and some portraits apparently. All created live over on

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